360° AI Fleet Camera

Driveri provides you with indisputable evidence to protect your organization against false claims and serves as a powerful tool to improve driver management and coaching.

More than a dash cam, Driveri is designed to enhance driver safety by capturing and analyzing every minute on the road, which eliminates viewing hours of footage. See an overall view of driver behavior, proving who’s responsible when incidents occur (driver vs. 3rd party).

Driveri Product Description

Challenges Driveri Solves:

Inability to Protect Drivers

You want to get your drivers home safe and it only takes one false move on the road to put them at risk. Driveri provides you with the ability to see the full context of driving events in real-time and historically.

  • Exonerate drivers and provide protection for not at fault related incidents
  • Provide evidence against a false claim
  • Understand the context of at fault driver incidents to improve coaching

Lack of Insight into Driver Operation of Vehicles

Not understanding how your vehicles are being driven can be a scary thing. Seeing both good and bad driver habits through incident driven video playback provides a strong understanding as to how your fleet is being utilized and enables quick incident verification.

Safety Cameras Can Lower Your Insurance Premiums and Accident Rates

The annual accident rate for commercial fleets is around 20% and each accident can cost your organization an average of $70,000. Insurers are discounting policy premiums for fleets equipped with cameras, while this discount will vary by fleet size and provider, some organizations are saving as much as 50% on their premiums.

Improve Fleet Safety with the GreenZone® Scorecard

Reward drivers who operate their vehicles defensively and actively avoid hazardous situations.

The GreenZone® Scorecard provides visibility into individual driver’s scores relative to fleet averages, key events, and information on how they can improve performance.